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Environmental Compliance

OmniSource believes that a positive approach towards conserving and enhancing natural resources is consistent with its core values, and is fundamental to the scrap and secondary metals industry.

OmniSource Corporation is committed to operating its business in an environmentally responsible manner that protects human health, natural resources, and the environment. We go beyond compliance with the law to integrate sound environmental practices into our daily decisions and activities. We have in the past met our environmental commitments, and will continue to pursue a course of responsible environmental stewardship, complying with all federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

In an effort to ensure that all inbound scrap metals are handled responsibly, OmniSource has developed and implemented several best-management practices. Some examples include comprehensive refrigerant-recovery programs, unique handling and storage facilities for oily scrap-metal turnings and borings, a state-of-the-art enclosure for capturing and controlling emissions from torch-cutting operations, extensive mercury-switch removal programs, and cutting-edge treatment facilities for storm-water management. OmniSource is constantly working to improve its environmental programs, which is yet another component to being "The Best in Metals Recycling."

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