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OmniSource produces an array of high-quality ferrous-scrap products for foundry and steel-mill melting applications.

Investment in state-of-the-art technology and process-management systems assures consistency and reliability across all product categories. Research-and-development efforts consistently yield customized products to fit specific applications.

See our standard product listing below, but contact us at 1-800-OMNI-789, or send us an e-mail to learn how to improve your melt performance and cost.


Steel mills consume millions of tons of scrap every month. OmniSource supplies substantial volumes of this essential raw material to both integrated and electric-arc-furnace steelmakers. In addition to processed grades, OmniSource markets significant tonnage of prime industrial scrap and offers pig iron and other reduced-iron products to augment scrap in the melt mix.

Our standard product categories and commodities are shown below. Call us at 1-800-OMNI-789, or send us an e-mail for specific product inquiries.

Prime Grades Obsolete Grades By-Products Nonferrous Additives
Industrial Bundles #2 Shredded Coke Breeze Aluminum De-Ox
#1 Bundles Plate & Structural Pet Coke, etc. Copper
#1 Busheling Heavy Melting Steel Nickel
Coolant Scrap Briquettes Stainless
Pig Iron Steel Turnings
Charging Box Cast


Our focus on customer needs and in-depth knowledge of melting operations makes OmniSource the obvious choice for foundry scrap products. Full-range analytical labs assure consistent chemistries. Advanced processing and material-management systems ensure that orders are always filled. Dedicated transportation services guarantee on-time delivery—24/7.

We produce products for gray iron, ductile, stainless, specialty, and steel foundries, regardless of furnace type or size. Any product can be customized to fit specific requirements for chemistry, size, density, packaging, or even environmental impact. In addition to ferrous-scrap products, we supply pig iron and nonferrous melt additives.

Prime Grades Obsolete Grades Cast Iron Nonferrous Additives
Busheling #2 Shredded New Auto Cast Copper Chops
Punchings Foundry Steel Machine Cast Copper Pucks
Dri-Melt EF Flat Plate Briquettes Nickel
Cover Scrap Plate & Structural Aluminum
#1 Shredded
Pig Iron

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