Electronics Recycling


OmniSource Electronics Recycling (OER) can help create a managed, total, worry-free electronic recycling program that will ensure your data containing devices are securely managed and all hazardous material in your E-Scrap are properly and responsibly recycled in accordance to industry standards.

Why Choose OmniSource Electronics Recycling?

It’s simple: we are your one-stop shop for all your IT Asset Destruction and Management (ITAD/ITAM) needs. Put OmniSource’s decades of recycling industry leadership to work for you today.

  • OER is a certified R2:V3 and ISO14001 company that will ensure all your data and hazardous containing materials are being properly managed to the industry highest standards.
  • Complete data destruction, at your facility or ours. Your data is destroyed in compliance with US Department of Defense (DoD) standards. Be confident in your e-scrap program, using our technology and know-how.
  • Customized recycling program tailored to your needs by our experts. From scheduling pickups to employee recycling events, we can provide multiple options to manage your e-scrap including refurbishment and resale opportunities of retired equipment to proper recycling.
  • Documentation and certifications of recycling and data destruction give you the assurance you need to meet your compliance and sustainability requirements.
  • Years of experience leading the way in recycling solutions. From logistics to processing to program management, let our collective experience help your business recycle the right way.
  • Total recycling solutions from a company whose scope is vast. Metals, universal wastes, even plastics and cardboard: we can develop a comprehensive sustainable recycling program for you.
  • The power of and expertise of a recycling industry giant with over 70 facilities in the US alone, global reach, and a decorated history of recycling excellence.
  • The coverage you need to be secure in your e-scrap program. We are registered, bonded, and back by a $5m environmental policy, allowing you to rest easy when your equipment is in our hands.

For more information, visit omniescrap.com.