Frequently Asked Questions2023-03-01T09:26:48-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions


You don’t know if you don’t ask.

Turning your scrap metal into cash isn’t difficult. But, there are a few things you might want to know before hauling that pile of metal to one of our yards.

What are OmniSource’s safety policies?2020-07-10T15:34:59-05:00

At OmniSource, safety is our number one priority. The following are a few pointers to help keep customers safe while visiting OmniSource:

  • Follow all posted rules and obey directions from OmniSource employees
  • Remain in customer-designated areas only
  • Wear a shirt and shoes, as required, when entering the yard
  • Be aware of trip hazards, including loose material on the ground
  • Watch out for moving equipment
  • Children and animals must remain in vehicles
  • Drive slowly; be cautious of other customers and employees
Do you sell automobile parts?2020-07-10T15:36:19-05:00

OmniSource does not sell automotive parts, but we do buy scrap automotive parts for recycling purposes.

What is your policy for sealed containers?2020-07-10T15:37:32-05:00

Any sealed tanks and cylinders must either be cut in half or have a sizable hole allowing OmniSource personnel to verify that the tanks or cylinders are empty.

Do you pick up?2020-07-10T15:38:05-05:00

OmniSource does provide pick-up service for large quantities of scrap. If you are interested in learning whether or not your material qualifies, please contact the location nearest you.

What if I lost my vehicle title?2020-07-10T15:26:41-05:00

Properly executed and legal duplicate titles are accepted at all OmniSource locations. The way to obtain a duplicate title varies from state to state. Contact your local DMV for instructions on how to obtain a duplicate title in your area.

Do I need a title to sell a vehicle?2020-07-10T15:39:25-05:00

Yes, in most states, any vehicle sold to OmniSource must have a properly executed title complete with all signatures and free of any liens.*

*Please call your nearest OmniSource location to learn your state’s requirements.

Do I need to drain the fluids from my scrap before bringing it in?2020-07-10T15:40:01-05:00

OmniSource will properly dispose of any Freon-containing appliances as well as any fluids in an automobile.*

*Applies at most but not all locations. Please call your nearest OmniSource location prior to bringing your scrap with fluids to the yard.

Can I recycle appliances?2020-07-10T15:42:58-05:00

OmniSource will recycle most appliances that contain metal, including refrigerators, water heaters, washers, and dryers.

What do I need in order to sell scrap metal to OmniSource?2020-07-10T15:43:59-05:00

Scrap metal recycling laws vary depending on the location. In most states, you must have a current driver’s license or U.S. government-issued photo I.D. and be at least 18 years of age or older. For a complete list of required information, contact the yard nearest you.

What are your prices?2020-07-10T15:46:36-05:00

The value of metals worldwide changes often, sometimes daily. For up-to-date pricing, contact the yard nearest to you.

What are your hours of operation?2020-07-10T15:46:04-05:00

Operating hours vary by location. Contact the yard nearest you for hours.

Where is the closest location to me?2020-07-10T15:45:28-05:00

We’re all over Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia. Just click here to search by your location.

What are unacceptable recycling materials?2020-07-10T15:44:58-05:00

OmniSource does not accept materials containing PCB’s (including fluorescent light ballasts, capacitors, transformers), items containing CFCs, mercury, radioactive materials, batteries other than lead-acid, rail scrap, municipal scrap, closed or pressurized tanks/cylinders, beer kegs, material containing asbestos, or any materials banned by federal, state or local law. OmniSource may require customers to provide material ownership documentation at the time of the transaction. If you have questions about whether or not a material is acceptable, please contact the yard nearest you.

What materials can I recycle at OmniSource?2020-07-10T15:44:27-05:00

Click here for the list of all metals we buy. We even list specific types of items, in case you don’t know your brass from your elbow.